In 2014, after having been an Accredited Senior Agent™ (REALTOR®) for several years, Paul Cutajar knew he could do more within the senior market.  Paul approached Chris Newell - trainer and course development for the Accredited Senior Agent™ program.  Upon their initial meeting, both parties came away with the rough ideas of advancing the Accredited Senior Agent™ designation for those who strived to offer their clients more as well as wanted to be part of a niche group.  The Master Accredited Senior Agent program was born!

Paul and Chris would go on to develop and grow the MASTERS offering annual in-person meetings and advanced training, developing and partnering on unique senior focused programs such as: 

  • Online Home Auctions (with Transition Squad)
  • Retirement Home MLS
  • Marketing with and
  • Sell and lease-back program (Sell 'n Stay)
  • Tradeshows
  • Membership with the Essential Seniors' Network
  • CyberSeniors
  • SmartSizing®
  • Essential Conversations™
  • Pivotal - Seniors Mortgage Professional
Although originally designed for REALTORS®, Paul and Chris understood that it offered a greater value and would benefit other professionals.  Early 2022, Chris decided that he would retire from training and although he is greatly missed, this allowed the opportunity for Paul Cutajar and Esther Goldstein (Lifestyle55+ Network Inc.) to redevelop, build fresh content, navigate comprehensive topics while involving a wider range of professionals interested in working the senior market.  The power of their organization - Lifestyle55+ Network Inc., Senioropolis Inc. and would see the launch of the new program - Lifestyle55+ Service Provider AFFILIATE and Lifestyle55+ MASTERS.
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