What is the MASTERS level?

For professionals who wish to delve further into the topic of working with seniors, and obtain additional resources and knowledge, we offer the MASTERS Program. Building on your knowledge from the Introductory Affiliate Training Program, the MASTERS Program takes a closer look at many of the topics touched upon in the first course. For those who wish to specialize in only working with older adults, this next level course is a MUST as it will increase your knowledge and understanding of the senior sector, and issues impacting them.


Following the introductory training program, you will become an Affiliate Member of the Lifestyle 55+ Service Provider Program.  You will gain basic knowledge about the senior marketplace, how seniors think based on motivation, history, beliefs, and cultures, how other service providers can help build your business and vice versa, marketing opportunities, consulting support, and public awareness of your affiliation.  Those interested in furthering their knowledge and expertise, can opt to become a MASTER which will provide the opportunity to participate in additional education, recognition, participation, and providing clients with higher level of affiliation to your competitors. 


The Lifestyle 55+ Service Provider Affiliate Training Program is a prerequisite to the MASTER program: 

The Lifestyle55+ MASTERS Service Provider Training Program: $899.00 CAD + HST.   (1st year membership is included). 
Annual me​mbership required to maintain the use of the logo and affiliation for MASTERS after the first year:  $399.00 CAD + HST.

What MASTERS are saying...

We have the information clients are looking for, whether it is creating a monthly income, assessing tax incentives from the government for disability retrofit, market value assessment of their property, knowledge of different housing options, referrals to our network of exceptional specialists in various areas such as wills and power of attorney, repair work or renovations etc. Our greatest asset is that we are the one person that they can come to to fulfill all their needs and wishes.”     Magda Zecevic
The Masters  -  even in its early days, was a collection of exceptional professionals focused on delivering the highest level of services to a vulnerable sector.  We provide a dedicated service for senior’s and their families in transition. Working with our team of professionals catering to the senior clientele, we provide a ‘Plan of Action’ for your future, including Health, Wealth and Real Estate.”     Paul Cutajar
After watching my parents move to a retirement residence, then my mom going to a long-term care facility and my dad moving in with me, I felt frustrated, sad & overwhelmed. Since then, I have developed a process to support seniors & their families make this transition a happier, efficient & more fun time. I understand concerns & take the time to listen respect what they are going through. It may take years for the senior to be ready, and other times it may be only a several month process. It’s important to recognize there is no one solution for everyone.”   
Trudi Johnston
"Having worked in the Hospital sector, I witnessed the daily struggles families faced when they were faced with the discharge process and having to face the reality of what happens when they get home.  Years later, developing programs for other professionals has become a lifelong goal.  Offering them industry knowledge elevates their individual expertise in assistig their seniors clients as they age.  The MASTERS is designed to identify those individuals that want to deliver that higher level of service."  Esther Goldstein